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Molds and Tools

Steinkamp Mold and Tool specializes in the manufacturing of: 

  • Prototype Molds

  • Rubber metal molds/Rubber molds with hot or cold runner systems

  • Plastic injection molds with standard runner or hot runner systems

  • Foam molds

  • Blow molds with in-mold cutting, punching, part encapsulation

  • Mold modification, repair and maintenance


The molds and tools we create let you produce high quality parts. It is our goal to work with your team on finding the right application for you, resulting in cost-effective solutions. 


We will fill your needs from the optimized design to the quality product. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff and our inventory of state-of-the art equipment are at work for you. We bring over 40 years of experience in the mold making business in Europe and the USA to you.

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